Governance: Geek Group Team

Our 20 years of history are evidence of our senior specialists’ experience when it comes to platform management.


Quick rule immersion according to the customer’s needs, systems and data architecture.
Understanding and setting up strategic objectives and desired goals to successfully deploy the platform.
Continuous analysis of KPIs for overall planning, leveraging all of Geek Group’s pillars.

Customer Service

Employees are supported by trained, dedicated professionals offering fast and efficient responses while helping with platform engagement.
Chat-based customer service (online and email).
All of it neatly managed with a ticket-based system, so that no communications are lost until the issue is solved.

Dedicated Team

After each customer’s case study, we create a dedicated team focused on Governance for all areas involving the daily activities of the Incentive and Communications Platform:

Engineers and architects software, full stack programmers, DBAs, auditors and analysts.
Specialist planners, specialized services, managers and traffic analysts.
Creative and art directors, writers and motion designers.
Customer Service
Coordinators and attendants.