Who We Are?

We are a technology company specialized in delivering the best solutions to manage Incentive Campaigns, Gamification, Communications and Training. We connect companies and employees, providing engagement and driving incredible results.

Using advanced technology and innovation, we use artificial intelligence and robotics that learn with every performance and interaction to deliver a unique, shared view of each employee, offering companies a true digital transformation.



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Our Work?

We connect companies to their employees to encourage and train them to achieve excellent business results.

In other words, we help our clients discover new paths to success by exceeding their goals and engaging with the team using intelligence and strategy, thanks to our Incentive, Gamification and Communications Platform. We leverage AI and our unique experience in Platform Governance provided by Geek Group’s senior team.

Why use Geek Group’s Platforms?

Smart Communications

Create communication and engagement journeys, all fully customized for your employees.

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AI - Artificial Intelligence

Empower your teams to achieve their goals quickly and accurately using our AI robots.

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Remote Training

Train your employees using targeted content segmented by machine learning.

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Incentive + Gamification

Engage your employees in Incentive Campaigns using Gamification, making goals, rankings, and achievements more fun and easier to take in.

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Geek Group can help you plan, scale and launch your Incentive and Communications Platform quickly and flexibly.

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